Why You Need a Chimney Flue Inspection

When winter is on its way (and sometimes arrives early) the last thing you need or want is a chimney problem. They can be hard to self-diagnose, they can be difficult to correct, and they can put your fireplace out of commission indefinitely. It’s important to make sure your chimney flue is safe and ready to go before the temperatures drop so that you know it’s safe when you light the fire.

Professional Chimney Inspections

why you need a chimney flue inspection - burlington VT - bricklinersThe only way to ensure that your chimney system is safe and efficient is to schedule a professional chimney inspection. A certified chimney sweep has the experience and training to diagnose small and large chimney problems with skill and ease. These inspections extend the life of the chimney, prevent fires and other damages, and even decrease the number of services your chimney will need. As a bonus, when your chimney is inspected annually, it will work more efficiently, burning less fuel, and wasting less heat.

CSIA Chimney Inspections

When it comes to chimney services, you must only trust a certified chimney professional. Our technicians at Brickliners are CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps who have completed the extensive study, classwork, examination, field training, and re-certification to maintain certification continuously. In addition, your CSIA certified professional adheres to a stringent Code of Ethics designed to protect homeowners and consumers from chimney-related scams. When we earn this CSIA badge, we take this responsibility seriously, and we do our part along with the rest of the CSIA organization to spread awareness so that residential fires can be prevented. Part of our mission to keep our customers safe and warm each winter is to provide expert chimney services like all three levels of CSIA inspections year-round.

Level One Inspection – If you haven’t changed the way you use your chimney system or experienced a problem with it at all, you will need a level one inspection every year. This is the basic inspection which includes a visual inspection of all readily accessible portions of your chimney and determines that the structure is sound and the flue is unobstructed.

Level Two Inspection – If you have made any changes or repairs to your chimney system or if your home has experienced a fire or serious storm damage, you need to schedule a level two inspection. This inspection is also required before the sale or transfer of property and includes a detailed video inspection of the flue interior. It also includes (in addition to all that found in a level one) an assessment of all accessible portions of the chimney, including that accessed through doors, panels, and crawlspaces.

Level Three Inspection – If your inspector finds a problem in any lesser level inspection, you’ll need a level three inspection. It often involves minor demolition such as removal of wall panels and some masonry to access the suspected hazard. The level three inspection nearly always results in a repair of some kind and is considered a last resort.

Inspecting Chimneys for Safety

We agree with the leaders in the chimney industry when it comes to safety. Both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) assert the same: chimneys that are cleaned regularly and inspected annually are the safest and most efficient. This means that whether your fire appliance is the best on the market, or if it’s from decades ago, the one that is maintained professionally and used properly will still work the best and last the longest. It is our goal to keep homeowners in and around Northwestern Vermont safe and warm this winter, and that is why we offer these important services year-round.

Chimney Services in Northwestern Vermont

If you reside in Chittenden, Franklin, Addison, or Washington counties, our team of licensed and skilled professionals is able to work with you to help make your home safe and your fireplace warm. In addition to CSIA inspections, we also offer preventive services such as chimney sweeps, waterproofing services, and gas services. Preventative services like these can help your chimney last as long as possible and will decrease the frequency of necessary maintenance your system needs. You’ll waste less fuel, experience an easier-to-light fire, have a warmer fire, and less smoke and venting issues. Your fireplace was made to work with your chimney, and when the chimney is clean and cared for, the fireplace works its best.

Don’t put your trust in the amateurs, trust your chimney and fireplace with the fire experts. We’ll complete preventative maintenance as needed and diagnose issues early to avoid unnecessary damage and cost. We repair chimneys, reline chimneys, and complete custom masonry projects. If you suspect a problem with your chimney system or want to simply make a change, we can help. We can help you rebuild or upgrade. We can help you save money on household utilities, prevent animal intrusion, cut down on respiratory issues in the house. All this is affected by your chimney.

When it’s time to light the fire, it’s too late. Call Brickliners today to schedule an inspection so that when your fireplace is ready to light, you know it’s safe and ready to keep the fire in its place!

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